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Harmony In Home, Cristi Earnshaw, Credit Coach, Organizer and Reiki Master


Introducing “Project Pay it Forward" - Cristi is giving away 30 minutes of FREE Credit Coaching in exchange for 3 random acts of kindness to 3 strangers in 30 days. read more>>


Harmony In Home Consultations
Bringing your home into harmony with your personal and financial goals.

Harmony In Home, Cristi Earnshaw, Credit Coach

Credit Coaching
Empowering individuals and couples to know and control their credit scores.


De-clutter and Organize
Transform any room or office with a life-changing de-clutter and

Harmony In Home, Cristi Earnshaw,  Reiki Master

Reiki Sessions
A hands-on Japanese technique that promotes healing and relaxation by increasing "life force energy".

“I just had an amazing credit coaching session with Cristi Earnshaw. She used proven strategies to raise my credit score and all it took was a few hours this afternoon. I have no reservations about using her again and I wanted to recommend her.  She's a professional in this field.”
M. Franklin

Cristi Earnshaw * Harmony In Home
Serving Burbank, Glendale, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Hollywood and all communities in the greater Los Angeles area

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