Harmony In Home Consultations

Since the age of 6 I have been very sensitive to energy in homes, able to sleep in some rooms and not others. I still perceive different objects in a house “speaking” to me in an energetic way.  I believe our homes are an extension of ourselves.  If we don’t love and use every item in them, stagnant energy is collected creating blocks.

  • I combine my Feng Shui knowledge, my intuition and organizing skills to read what is blocked or creating stress in a home or office.
  • I instruct my client to follow me with pen and paper and take notes on my reading of their space.
  • The client is empowered with a checklist of ways they can unblock the energy and continue to transform the energy of their space after our session.

This is a very powerful energy unblocker for the client who is ready to make room for their Good.

A Harmony in Home consultation focuses on unblocking the stagnant and draining energy in the home so more Good can flow in.  The benefit is greatly increased circulation of positive energy in the client’s life. This can also manifest as more wealth, better health and increased business and creativity. 

Sessions are generally $350 - $550 (based on size of home.)

“Comparitively speaking I am not a packrat, but after going through all of my possessions and asking me some thought provoking questions,
I still took over 8 large boxes to a chairty at the end of the day. 
 I feel clean, free, and surrounded by Love Energy.”

 Julie Kokesch

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